An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company  
Manufacturers & Exporters of Steel Forgings - Ghaziabad Forgings Pvt. Ltd.
GHAZIABAD FORGINGS is equipped with latest manufacturing facilities, experienced & skilled manpower to build Quality from raw material stage to shipment of products to customers.
Forge Shop
Our Forge Shop is equipped with 3 Steam Forgings Hammers each having 12 MT capacities. There is one Ring Forging Hammer which is capable to make rings up to 2500 mm diameter. These hammers are run by 3 steam boilers & water tank. For heating the raw material, there are 4 oil fired furnaces equipped with furnace oil tank.
Heat Treatment
Our Heat Treatment Furnace with a capacity of __ MT and __ x __ x in dimension is equipped with latest technology temperature control to achieve total physical properties.
Work Shop
Our work shop is equipped with several lath machines, vertical turning lathe machines, Drill machines, CNCs, Band saw machines capable to fulfill the demand of our customers. The above facility is supported by several overhead & mobile cranes and other small tooling facilities.

The finished material with proper marking after final inspection is applied with rust preventive and packed as per customer requirement before shipment to avoid any damage during transit.
Manufacturers & Exporters of Steel Forgings - Ghaziabad Forgings Pvt. Ltd.
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